Fresh, engaged participants

via diverse Recruitment sources 

We use multiple sources to recruit participants depending on the demands of each particular recruit. This includes online recruiting, telephone recruiting, onsite recruiting and recruiting from client supplied lists (by phone or online). 

Difficult to find respondents

find the needle in the haystack

We have built our recruiting database using a multitude of variables that make it easier for us to recruit hard to find individuals such as high net worth, millennials, purchasers of particular products or services, 18 - 34 males, etc.


Asian and South Asian markets


We can recruit based on language spoken, length of time in country, country of origin and in-language or English-only capabilities.




State-of-the art online recruiting

Put our panel to work for you

We have built our online panel using a multitude of different sources and methods including online, in-person and partnerships with various companies and organizations. This  ensures our database includes a broad spectrum of different types of respondents. We have profiled the panel on a wide variety of variables, making it more efficient for us to recruit hard to find individuals. This panel has over 30,000 fresh, engaged participants recruited within the past three years. It is one of the largest of its kind in Western Canada.